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Would you like to volunteer for our club?


We have numerous opportunities throughout the season for people to volunteer in a variety of positions. If you would like to be contactable for such opportunities, please register your interest on our registration page under "2022 Hockey SA Volunteer Registration" as a New Member or a Returning Member if you have been registered with any Metro club since 2019.

Opportunities available:


  • Bar tendering at our clubroom's bar during Saturday nights and other times the bar would be open
  • Kitchen supervisor on Saturday nights at the club
  • Bunnings BBQs at Adelaide Airport Bunnings
  • COVID marshal on Saturday nights at the club
  • COVID marshal on Sunday morning junior games
  • Sunday junior home game set up
  • SAPSASA week
  • Assembling and packing away of goals
  • Team manager positions
  • Junior coaching positions
  • Junior assistant coaching positions
  • Committee member
  • Sub-committee member


 Links to online training

For those volunteering to help at a Bunnings BBQ, please complete the I'm A.L.E.R.T online food handlers training. This is one-off training. 

Responsible Service of Alcohol online certificate SITHFAB002 with CHTS. Online training $25, in-person training $99.

COVID marshal online training through the Government of SA is free. 


10 reasons to volunteer

In this modern age, it seems many people just aren’t as interested in sports volunteering as they were in the past. There are numerous reasons why our community should get involved in our sports club, and we’ve listed them below!

1. Everyone has a different set of skills that need sharing:
Sports clubs around the country don’t always need people who have skills related to sport specifically, they often need people who are extremely organised and can complete tasks like public speaking, filling out forms, and collating information and items.

2. The feeling of fulfillment:
Dedicating your time to your local sporting club or organisation grants a feeling of fulfillment and is guaranteed to make you smile knowing you’re doing something valuable and worthwhile giving back to the community and kids.

3. It’s a learning experience:
This is a fantastic benefit of volunteering; you can be exposed to discovering new talents that you may have never known you were capable of and can also develop your pre-existing skills.

4. Future job opportunities:
Participating in volunteer work can potentially lead to job offers that open up and can even open up a career path that you may have never considered or known existed. The experiences that are gained during your time volunteering at the club is a great addition to your resume and can help showcase your skill set in interviews in the future.

5. It can positively impact all your dimensions of health:
Volunteering can really provide a sense of purpose for an individual and make them feel worthy. It opens up social contacts, gets you active, and can significantly boost your emotional wellbeing

6. Good way to get into work:
As the pandemic has affected a lot of industries, volunteering is a great way to enter the work environment to help out clubs that are no doubt struggling and would be so grateful to have people lend a hand to continue to get the clubs back on their feet

7. Providing a positive experience for the current and future generations of kids:
A volunteer is as important to a club as anyone else; they fill so many critical roles within the organisation such as coaching, being an official, and helping out on the board. Often, without them, the sport would not be able to run as effectively and efficiently as they do, which would lead to negative experiences for the kids. It also provides a great opportunity for kids to see many people volunteering as the norm as this will develop their sense of community and instill in them the importance of volunteering and being involved in your community. 

8. Helps you take on a challenge:
Volunteering can become challenging at times, but it can help you achieve personal goals. A challenge is not always a bad thing and it is good to face them every so often to keep you on your feet!

9. If you love sports, why not get involved in more ways than one:
If sport is something that makes you happy, whether you love playing or watching it, why not donate your time to helping out the local clubs to further improve the product that you love so much!

10. It’s fun:
Volunteering can be such a positive experience for anyone and provides a resource for individuals to take part in that explores your passion and interests!

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