Life Members

At Grange Royals Hockey Club we value our members above all else. Throughout their time with the club, some members have had Life Membership bestowed upon them. 

Fred Bowden Don N Mitton
Hartleigh Kelly Bev A Parry
Russell J Bowden Brian J Prevost
Merv E Rankin OAM Doug B Jones
W Carrol Reynold Joy I Curran
R E (Ted) Jackson Richard Parry
Stuart A Huddleston Alan J Rankin
Roger Reynolds Maurie R Stansfield
George R Willoughby Pam Edwards
Marj Mitton Kim Pena
Fred W Bowden Neil Bradley
David J Olson Kym D Pena
Ross G Smith Dzidra Rogers
Graham Bennett P Rankin
Barry Vohland Lyn Phillips
David M Curran David Edwards
Ian J Bowden Mark Dedman


In 1996 all living Life Members assembled for a photo together. 

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