Grange Royals Club House Dining

Grange Royals stands apart from all other hockey clubs in the Metro area by opening the clubrooms on Saturday nights for members, friends, and the community to get together in a warm family-friendly environment and share a meal and a drink in good company. We pride ourselves on our welcoming and friendly atmosphere that makes our club unique and beloved in the community. 

For the 2022 season, the clubrooms were upgraded with new dining tables and all-new chairs in the Marjorie Mitton Dining Area that brings a more modern feeling to the space as well as the flexibility to set the room out in a variety of orientations and arrangements to suit our needs for different events and occasions. 


The clubrooms will be open from 6 pm on Saturday nights for the season starting Saturday, April 15th. 

We have an improved full menu available at the club for the 2023 season. 

All meals will be served with a range of salads, chips, and your choice of gravy.

Each Saturday night there will be lucky squares being sold for $2 each. Monies raised from the lucky squares go towards further upgrades in the clubrooms. So that means the more tickets you purchase the more upgrades you will see in the clubrooms either during this season or in future seasons. 

Teams are assigned a Dinner Service night at the clubrooms with a reserved table for them to eat at throughout the season so that the team can socialise together outside of training and game atmospheres to further enhance the bonding and community spirit of our club. 

We hope to see you and your family at the clubrooms for a meal soon. 

Menu for 2023


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